Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sleeping late on weekend can help lose weight

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A study has found that fat people who go to bed early and stay in bed longer, their appetite will drop 14%. Survey results show that changing bedtime can help prevent obesity. Previous research has shown that too little sleep can lead to weight problems, partly because it disturbing the balance of hormones which suppresses appetite. Scientists at the University of Chicago want to research that how the simple lifestyle changes can affect desire for the food and the eating habits. They studied ten obese men and women. They sleep six and a half hours or less each night on average.

In the first week, they were told to continue their normal sleep patterns, and during that time, they need to report their own hunger and food they crave for. In the second week, they were told to extend their bedtime to eight and a half hours. The results of the study published in the journal show that the increase of bedtime greatly reduces the appetite of the overweight volunteers - especially the desire for unhealthy snacks. It is true, so if you want to lose weight, just extend the bedtime on weekends, that will be simple for you, in addition using Super Slim is also an option, it can help reduce weight effectively, it can increase metabolism and invigorate blood circulation, and it can also inhibit your appetite.


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